Campaign Compass v5.1.0 released

Version 5.1 of the Campaign Compass application has been released today. We’ve fixed a number of bugs that were discovered in the recent v5.0 release, and we took the opportunity to also add 2 enhancements.

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Campaign Compass v5.0.0 released

Version 5.0 of the Campaign Compass application introduces a new Advertiser user feature, which enables managers to invite an advertiser client to use the application. The Advertiser user will be able to see just their own statistics.

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Campaign Compass v4.0.1 released

Version 4.0.1 of the Campaign Compass application is a bug fix release taking care of the a few small issues with the display of the statistics table on the Advertiser Statistics and Campaign Statistics screens.

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Campaign Compass v3.4.0 released

Version 3.4.0 of the Campaign Compass application has been released. We’ve developed a number of enhancements for the Rich Media Events tracking module, a custom project for one of our users and therefor not generally available.

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