Campaign Compass v1.0.0 released

by | 31 March 2016 | Featured, Release Notes

CC-logo-200x52Version 1.0.0 of the Campaign Compass application has been released.

Campaign Compass is a responsive web application that displays statistics from a Revive Adserver installation in a visually attractive and intuitive way. Development of this application was started in December 2015 and after a few beta releases, it has now been made available to a wider audience.

Campaign Compass has the following features:

  • After logging in, the user sees an overview of the total number of advertisers, campaigns and banners, and the total number of websites and zones.
  • Next, the user can select one of the available advertisers using a smart drop-down list with type-to-filter functionality.
  • Once an advertiser as been selected, the user can select one of the campaigns of the selected advertiser, again using a smart drop-down list with type-to-filter functionality.
  • The application will then display a page with the statistics for Impressions and Clicks of the selected campaign, in this release for a fixed date range of the last 28 days (this will be enhanced in future versions).
  • When the customer also runs video advertising (pre-roll commercials), the application also shows the view through statistics, with the number of ‘starts’, and the ‘first quartile’, ‘mid point’, ‘third quartile’ and ‘completed’. These metrics are also displayed as a percentage of the number of starts.