Campaign Compass v3.0.0 released

by | 9 September 2016 | Featured, Release Notes

CC-logo-200x52Version 3.0.0 of the Campaign Compass application has been released. In this release, we’ve greatly improved and enhanced the look and feel, and usability, of the two primary screens in the application.

Here is an overview of the new functionality introduced in this release:

  • After logging in, there is a new widget that shows some quick statistics about the account. We show the number of active advertisers, and the number of impressions and clicks, for the last 7 days.
  • As soon as one advertiser has been selected, the application will also the relevant quick statistics for that advertiser, and the same will happen when one campaign has been selected.
  • The widgets with the Quick stats for an advertiser or for a campaign both have a button that will take the user straight to the relevant statistics details page.
  • We have redesigned the header of the statistics details pages, so that related controls are grouped visually. We have also redesigned some of the filter and settings controls, resulting in a crisper look and better ease of use.
  • When using the application on a phone or tablet, the filters and tools controls on the header of the statistics details page will initially be hidden, but they can be uncovered to perform filtering and other actions.
  • We’ve introduced a feature that enables an administrator to create a new user, which will result in a “Welcome aboard” e-mail being sent to the new user, also enabling the new user to set their first-time password.

And these are the improvements we’ve worked on:

  • The Login screen has been redesigned to make it easier to use, especially on mobile devices.
  • The URLs being used in the application have been made more consistent, to enable easy sharing between users. In a future release, we’ll take this to the next level by introducing a built-in sharing feature that enables users to send their colleagues a quick message with some statistics that they’d want to draw attention to.
  • Several small bugs, both newly discovered and already known, have been fixed.