Campaign Compass v3.5.0 released

by | 19 December 2016 | Featured, Release Notes

CC-logo-200x52Version 3.5.0 of the Campaign Compass application has been released. This new version focuses on the usability of the application for both end users and administrators.

New in this release:

  • On the statistics screen, a new check box has been introduced (on by default), so that the drop down lists for advertisers, campaigns, banners, websites and zones show active elements only. Active is defined as having had activity in the past 7 days.
  • When a manager user invites a new user, and the new user misplaces the invitation e-mail, the manager can now simply resend the invitation e-mail instead of having to delete and then re-invite the new user.
  • When there is a database connection issue, the application now displays a more informative status page instead of a technical error screen.

Improvements in this release:

  • The “active advertisers only” and “active campaigns only” check boxes, introduced in version 3.2.0, have been switched to be ‘on’ be default.
  • We have moved the name of the selected advertiser or campaign to the header of the statistics page, instead of trying to fit it all in the title bars of the statistics units.

We also fixed a number of bugs in this release:

  • A time zone problem caused the quick statistics on the home page (displayed while selecting the advertiser and campaign) to be too high, since the data for the current day was included in the query.
  • While viewing the statistics for a campaign, when a single banner of the campaign was selected, this selection was not correctly reflected in the downloadable Excel file.

There are also a few small technical improvements and fixes for bugs that were discovered during the development and testing phase of this new release.