Campaign Compass v5.2.0 released

by | 3 November 2017 | Featured, Release Notes

CC-logo-200x52Version 5.2 of the Campaign Compass application has been released today. In this version, we’ve made a number of small but significant enhancements, building on the new Advertiser user feature introduced in v5.0.


  • Taking in feedback from early users of the Advertiser user feature, we’ve added a toggle so that customers can determine if they want their staff to be able to hand out usernames to their advertiser clients. By default, the feature is disabled, and we will enable it upon request.
  • If the Advertiser users feature is enabled, an Advertiser will only be able to see sites that their campaigns have actually been displayed on, rather than all existing sites. This ensures that the application won’t reveal any ad inventory that an advertiser is not supposed to know about.


  • The Reset password feature has been rebuilt, following some recent changes in the Laravel application which resulted in intermittent issues and error messages.

Bugs fixed

  • The ‘scroll to top’ button for mobile users, which broke by accident in an earlier release, has been fixed.
  • When a user collapses or expands the left hand menu, this wasn’t stored correctly, revealing the menu on each new page. This has now been fixed, the user’s preference is correctly stored and used.
  • There are also a few small technical improvements and fixes for minor bugs that were discovered during the development and testing phase of this new release.