Campaign Compass v7.0.0 released

by | 2 October 2019 | Featured, Release Notes

CC-logo-200x52Version 7.0 of the Campaign Compass application introduces a new Account overview screen, and adds the ability to specify a time zone preference for each account in a multi-account configuration.

Changes in this release

  • A new Account Overview screen has been added. It is currently still somewhat limited in functionality, but it provides the opportunity to add a lot more insights in future versions.
    The Account Overview can be accessed from the Campaign Compass home screen by clicking the corresponding button in the Quick stats widget.
  • The ability to specify a time zone preference for every account in a multi-account configuration has been added.
    Many of our users have access to more than one account from their Revive Adserver installations. Before today, each of those accounts would display the statistics according to a time zone preference defined for the entire installation. Starting with this version, manager users will have a new Setup menu with a time zone settings option, that enables them to define a time zone preference for each account that’s distinct from the installation itself. This is particularly useful for organisation that operate in multiple geographic locations, each with their own time zone.
  • Finally, we made a few minor improvements and fixed some bugs that we found recently.